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List of the mods used in my Stardew with M2 run. If there's any special config, or workaround for compatibility I'll mention it as well.

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As of writing my Stardew Valley is version 1.4.5 for the Steam PC edition so, depending on when you're reading this, some or even all of these may be broken, outdated, or made obsolete. Be sure to check the latest updates, read the update notes, and poke around in the mod comment sections to get a feel if these mods still work. For multiplayer, both M2 and I have these mods installed.

# Core Dependency Mods

SMAPI - Stardew Modding API

Content Patcher

Farm Type Manager

# Quality of Life Improvement Mods

Skip Intro

Zoom Level Keybinding


Fix for the Fish Pond

Multiplayer Time

# Enhanced Gameplay Mods

Farm Extended[1]

Better Quarry Redux

Better Beach Forage

Custom Greenhouse

Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for All Friend-able Characters

Better Garbage Cans

Better Panning

NPC Map Locations[2]

Tractor Mod

Better Balanced Crafting Recipes

Better Workbenches

CJB Item Spawner[3]

CJB Show Item Sell Price

Chests Anywhere[4]

Convenient Chests

Activate Sprinklers

Dragon’s Advancing Sprinklers (Content Patcher)

# Graphic Enhancement Mods

Most of these mods can be configured in a number of ways based on your own personal taste, so feel free to pick the options in the config however you’d like.

New Colors of the Valley for Content Patcher

Leyalluna’s Portraits (Content Patcher)

Slightly Cuter Character Sprites (now Content Patcher and v1.4 ready)

Elle’s New Barn Animals (Content Patcher)

Elle’s New Coop Animals (Content Patcher)

Elle’s Cat Replacements (Content Patcher)

Elle’s Critter and Butterfly Replacements (Content Patcher)

Elle’s Dog Replacements (Content Patcher)

Elle’s Seasonal Buildings (Content Patcher)

  1. Farm Extended uses an outdated version of Farm Type Manager that comes bundled with the download. Thankfully, there’s an unofficial patch to the newer version on FTM’s Nexus page in the Option Files section that will enable the Farm Extended map to work properly. ↩︎

  2. NPC Map Locations has an extra file to make the farm on the map match the farm used in Extended Farm in the Optional Files section. ↩︎

  3. CJB Item Spawner was used when one of the quests to fetch specific items for NPCs bugged out and we needed another quest item. Otherwise it’s not needed unless you’re a filthy cheat. ↩︎

  4. Chests Anywhere has a Balanced version that we use. ↩︎

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