Fatsack's Freebies 05 - FREE Twitch Streamer Assets - Make It Rain Animations

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Free streamer assets. Make It Rain overlay animations.

I created these animated overlays in DaVinci Resolve for Make It Rain styled alerts. Get them now, or read on for more details!

Animations available in both 16:9 horizontal and 9:16 vertical aspect ratio.

I wanted some Make It Rain style animations for my alerts, so I made these! I thought I’d share them with you so you can use them too. Add them to your alerts, videos, etc. Includes vertical cropped versions too!

# Please Rate on Gumroad

If you like my work, please rate it on Gumroad! This helps get more eyeballs on what I’m doing! Thank you to everyone who already downloaded and rated!

# License and Use

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You are allowed to remix, transform, or build upon this for any reason including commercially.

You are free to share, sell, or otherwise redistribute this as long as you credit the original work to me.

If you’re just using this on your stream, a shoutout in your Twitch panels would meet the requirement. Say something like, "Original art by Fatsack Fails at fatsackfails.com" and you’re good!

# Using the Animations

Included are 24 WEBM video files. A set of 12 videos at 720p and a set at 1080p. They’re categorized into folders and labeled. Each set has 6 videos meant for full screen 16:9 aspect play, and 6 videos meant for 9:16 aspect “vertical cam” play.

The animations include raining confetti, gifts, bits, coins, dollar bills, and a combo of coins and dollar bills.

You can add them to OBS directly to play as you see fit, or add them to StreamElements or Streamlabs as part of an alert, or any other use case. Each video is 3 seconds long and transparent.

# Contact and More Info

If you have any questions about anything, or need something clarified, feel free to get in touch!

Make sure to check back for more Twitch assets and streamer resources!

If these are helpful for your channel and you find yourself with extra money to burn from all those sweet subs, consider throwing a few bucks my way!

Make it rain with 6 animations!
Confetti, Bits, Gifts, and Money.

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