Clone Hero Drinking Game

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My rules for the Clone Hero Drinking game! As always be responsible with your alcohol. Don't over do it, eat food before hand, and drink water!

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I’ve been Clone Hero on the stream lately, and I’ve come up with some rules for a Drinking Game on nights when I just want to chill and hang out. I’m writing them down here so I don’t forget, and so you can play along if you choose!

Remember: You don't have to play this game with alcohol. Any beverage is fine! If you do imbibe, always be responsible with your drinking. This game is meant to be something fun to do with friends, not ruin your night.

# Drinking Game Rules


  • When using Random Song Select, and choosing to skip the song chosen
  • For every Difficulty Level below Expert you choose to play a chosen song
  • For every star earned below 4 stars at the end of a song

Shot or Big Drink

  • When you earn 4 stars or more at the end of a song
  • When you miss the last note of a song
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