Ganymede Games Drops 7,500 RPG Player Survey Results

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Excerpt from Ganymede Game's RPG Survey. This question asks, "How do you prefer the main protagonist?" Of the 7,500 respondents, 40.7% said they preferred pre-written, 33.2% said they preferred custom, and 26.1% said they had no preference.

Ganymede Games, an indie studio based in Las Cruces, New Mexico conducted a survey in late 2020 to gauge player’s preferences for the turn-based RPG genre.

Over 7,500 players took part in a survey late last year for Ganymede Games, myself included! The topic? Preferences in turn-based RPG games. The answers helped to inform the development for Ganymede’s debut title Xenotheria, a sci-fi RPG which was announced alongside the results.

Here are some of the highlights from the survey:

  • Divinity Original Sin: 2 was the top ranked turn-based RPG across all ranked categories.
  • Final Fantasy 10 and Persona 5 also appeared at the top of the ranking list for most played and best combat systems.
  • 84% of turn-based RPG players prefer to play solo
  • 65% of turn-based RPG players are over 25 years old
  • 70% of players agreed that combat systems in turn-based RPGs can quickly become formulaic
  • Four out of five players believed that compelling characters are very important
  • Most preferred platforms were PC at 53%, Playstation at 18%, Switch at 17%, and Xbox at 4%

For me seeing the results was very interesting. It’s great to see some of my favorite games like Fallout 2 get included in the top turn-based RPGs. It also makes me REALLY want to check out Divinity Original Sin 2. There’s still a huge demand for single player RPG experiences that respect your time, have meaningful choices and mechanics, and are PC focused first. Looking forward to seeing what Xenotheria has to offer in this respect.

The entire survey results, including features, preferences and other details can be found on Ganymede’s website. They’ve also started a second wave of this survey, which means you can participate as well!

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