#BirthdayWeek 2021

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Fatsack's Birthday Week is here!

From February 21 to February 27th, we're celebrating #BirthdayWeek! We'll be playing my week long drinking game, Birthday Shots! There's a challenge for the community with the prize being another #MorphsuitHype stream! And finally, you can support the channel during the stream to play Slots for Shots!

# Birthday Shots

Anytime when I’m not streaming you can tip the channel $2 or more to buy me a Birthday Shot! I’ll stop what I’m doing and take a shot. I’ll even post a video on my Instagram Stories and tag you in it as proof.

# #MorphsuitHype Challenge

Update: The #MorphsuitHype Challenge has been completed! Tune in on Saturday, February 27th!

Come together as a community and pool your Nuggets to make me wear a pink spandex morph suit! You can buy #MorphsuitHype Tokens in the channel rewards using your channel points or contribute to the community point challenge to earn a token.

Once the community has collected 31 tokens, we’ll have a #MorphsuitHype stream! I’ll have to wear the pink suit on my birthday, February 27th, for the whole stream. If the community can collect 62 tokens in total, I’ll play Dark Souls with Crowd Control during that stream. You’ll be able to interact with my game, helping or hindering me as I play through it.

# Slots for Shots

Slots for Shots. Match 3 to win!

Any Tips, Subs, or Bit Cheers over 100 during #BirthdayWeek streams will activate the Slots for Shots mini-game! Match 3 emotes, and we celebrate with a Birthday Shot! If you’re able to match up the elusive MorphsuitHype emote, the community earns #MorphsuitHype Tokens equal to the amount given to activate the alert! (1 token per $1 or 100 Bits, 5 tokens per Sub Tier)

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