Twitch Affiliate Starter Kit - Emotes, Badges, Flairs, Channel Points

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Twitch Affiliate Starter Kit. Celebrate in your stream ASAP.

Celebrate Hitting Affiliate. Level Up Your Chat. Get More Hypetrains. Get the Starter Kit now, or read on for more details!

Hitting Affiliate status is a great achievement, but the cost of getting custom artwork can be expensive (sometimes over $100) for emotes, badges, flairs, and channel points. Not to mention the time it’ll take for those designs to be ready to use. My Twitch Affiliate Starter Kit will help you cover the basics as you figure out your next move.

Let your community celebrate right away without the pressure of having to find an artist to commission. Use the designs as placeholders for the time being, or as a base to build on for custom artwork. Over 100+ artwork elements already sized and organized to upload to your Creator Dashboard the moment you download. Pay what you want starting at $10 USD.

Preview of Twitch emote designs

Preview of Twitch badge and flair designs

Preview of Twitch channel point designs

# Includes:

  • Badges up to 5 years of Subs

  • 30 Flairs for Tier 2 and Tier 3 Subs

  • 40+ Emotes

  • 100+ Channel Point designs (can be used as Emotes and Badges too!)

  • License to modify, remix, and share designs outside of Twitch (no credit needed)

  • Properly sized, labeled, and organized images for each design

  • HD sized versions of each design (1080x1080 pixels)

  • Source files to modify designs in Affinity Designer

  • Instructions to upload to Twitch

# Convenient Bundling. Lifetime Updates. No Attribution Required.

You can download and use the Emotes, Sub Badges, Badge Flairs, and Channel Point resource packs for free from the Freebies page as long as you include a shoutout and a credit link in your panels.

This Starter Kit contains everything from these streamer resource packs in one convenient bundle with lifetime updates. It also includes a modified license, allowing you to use these designs without having to credit me.

# Contact and More Info

If you have any questions about anything, or need something clarified, feel free to get in touch!

Make sure to check back for more Twitch assets and streamer resources!

If these Emotes are helpful for your channel and you find yourself with extra money to burn from all those sweet subs, consider throwing a few bucks my way!

Hit Those Sub Goals!
Emotes, Badges, Flairs, and Channel Points

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