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/ 1 MIN read / NEWS gets an update! Refreshed design, and new features as we continue to improve Stream Sites.

M2Creates has been working on updating Stream Sites for some time now, and it’s received enough updates to do a big overhaul for my website. You’ll see a new design that’s hopefully pleasing to look at along with a bunch of cool new features!

There’s a Light/Dark Mode toggle now! I like Dark Mode for most things I use on my devices, but now you have the choice when browsing, which is awesome. You can now also search through website to find what you’re looking for.

There’s even more smaller features like estimated read time for blog posts, easy share buttons for pages, and a bunch of fixes behind the scenes that make using the website for both me and you easier and more pleasant.

I’m the guinea pig for Stream Sites’s features and updates, so expect to hear more as M2 and I continue to improve the platform. We want Stream Sites to be easy, fast, and useful for anyone wanting to establish their online presence.

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Fatsack - Ethan Kellogg is a Twitch streamer, graphic designer, web developer, and advisory live stream consultant. Likes video games, TTRPGs, weird music, and stiff drinks. He/Him

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