#BirthdayWeek 2020 is Here!

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Birthday Week is here!

#BirthdayWeek is here! From February 20th through February 27th, Fatsack is celebrating his 30th birthday and you can celebrate too! Check out the #BirthdayWeek Page for more info.

It’s my favorite time of year, #BirthdayWeek! This year we’re continuing the week long drinking game Birthday Shots! You can make me take a Birthday Shot at any time during the week, even when I’m not streaming.

We also have The Ultimate Challenge, where everyone has to pool their resources together to raise ten million Nuggets! If you do, we’ll have a #MorphsuitHype stream! You can earn extra Nuggets by hanging out in chat, helping the channel reach certain Milestones, or playing mini-games!

Finally we have Slots for Shots! Your monetary support during #BirthdayWeek streams activates a slot machine alert! Match 3 emotes and win a prize! Different combos of emotes also have different bonus prizes.

Check out the #BirthdayWeek page and read all the details!

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